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Kristen C by Photos by Bri
Bri Lauren

About me

Hi! I'm Bri Morales and I fell in love with photography when I was 14. My dad used to take me to Indy 500 races where I learned to pan with a Minolta 800si film camera. I have had a camera in my hand ever since that day in 2010. I am a passionate individual who believes in capturing the humanity in a moment. I am a dog mom first, and a photographer second. I invest my time practicing my crafts and loving on my dog, Beyla. I am obsessed with all things Marvel and I am a car enthusiast (hence the Indy 500). I shot my first portrait session when I was 19, 7 years ago, and I currently work as a photographer at "Frisco STYLE Magazine". While I am still learning and growing every day, I am excited to see where this takes me!

One fun fact about me: I am 7 years classically trained in opera.


Raena Hernadez

“Essentially what photography is, is life lit up.” ~ Sam Abell


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Frisco, Texas and Beyond 

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